First Reactions to Growth Mindset

My knee-jerk reaction to growth-mindset was that it was promoting cramming. Why did I have this reaction? Because as a teacher I became sick of teachers who applaud students for doing nothing. This culminated in my reaction to a pipsqueak careerist who stumbled into being the headmaster at my last school – he was 33, … Continue reading First Reactions to Growth Mindset


Kabat-Zinn and Sunnata

For me sunnata is most easily understood through the Buddhadasa systems:- If we remove attachment to the 5 khandas, if we remove the I and mine from the 5 khandas, then we can experience sunnata, the fundamental Gaia, the life force that is Nature. In terms of the Buddhadasa systems, removing attachment to the 5 … Continue reading Kabat-Zinn and Sunnata