EJW goes private

I am an Education Justice Warrior (EJW). I spent my life battling for education, and, whilst it was in general part of a waste of time as the world is far less educated now than it was when I started, it was worth doing. As an EJW I put the children first, so I never … Continue reading EJW goes private


Better than me

I met an erstwhile teacher colleague and we were discussing a student of his who was a bit of a mathematical genius – now comfortable amongst the elite of the elite in Cambridge. The colleague’s attitude was unassuming, that he could still guide the students whether they were better than him. I replied with an … Continue reading Better than me

Careerist pattern

There seems to be a pattern concerning fears about modern technology and education. And it is a mechanism that is used to hammer teachers from the outside and within the profession. The notion is that teachers cannot compete with technology yet they must continually upgrade their teaching methodologies to comply with incorporating those technologies. Mostly … Continue reading Careerist pattern