Edufashion has a key diversionary function. To understand what it is, you have to understand the fundamental conflict that is education. First and foremost what happens in schools is not education it is conditioning for wage-slavery, it cannot be seen as education - the proper meaning of the word. For example the government passes laws, … Continue reading Edufashion


Dassa’s Grit

Dassa was a black woman. A pretty young baby she was born to a poor family whose father drank. Her mother did the best she could but she herself was an orphan so there was no-one to protect her from the drunk. But she loved Dassa intently. As a baby and only child Dassa was … Continue reading Dassa’s Grit

McKinsey report

LINK Finding 1 If students are motivated they work hard and do better irrespective of personal background. Earth-shattering, I’d have never guessed that. How much money did it cost to say that? OK the report is couched in “mindset” parlance, but what teacher doesn’t know that? The report does not investigate the connection between personal … Continue reading McKinsey report

Growth Mindset Brianblog

Growth Mindset is one of a series of edufashions. Nothing new educationally except for mindset profiling. Appropriate mindset profiling in relation to the specific subject and institution might have some educational benefits. If applying growth mindset is producing good results, I would have to question what was happening before. Perseverance – if your institution is … Continue reading Growth Mindset Brianblog

First Reactions to Growth Mindset

My knee-jerk reaction to growth-mindset was that it was promoting cramming. Why did I have this reaction? Because as a teacher I became sick of teachers who applaud students for doing nothing. This culminated in my reaction to a pipsqueak careerist who stumbled into being the headmaster at my last school – he was 33, … Continue reading First Reactions to Growth Mindset

Insight – the Conditioning Moment of Maths

Teaching mathematics always had a dilemma, not huge, do you teach maths or do you teach for exams? I always favoured the latter because I was conscious that you could not teach students to be mathematicians, in my view they either were or not (growth mindset?). But the exams were sufficiently problematic that it was … Continue reading Insight – the Conditioning Moment of Maths

Changes in the Corporate Paradigm

The biggest change is that through Occupy this corporate paradigm has been labelled as the 1%. Occupy Wall Street had a big impact in the US even though it was only the tip of an iceberg amongst many global social movements. These movements started with Horizontalidad whose movement was perhaps most important in Argentina where … Continue reading Changes in the Corporate Paradigm