Phassa – The Conditioning Moment

On the mindfulness meditation page, I have described a thought process summarised as This is a limited version of a much more profound teaching paticcasamuppada discussed by Ajaan Buddhadasa on p10 of Idappaccayata – download here. Here are the detailed stages he uses in his discussion of dependent origination (paticcasamuppada):- “Then he realized that it … Continue reading Phassa – The Conditioning Moment


Mindful activism – A Fusion of Activisms

When I was active in politics I had as my underlying principle or mission the idea that I was working for political equality to enable wider spiritual involvement. By this I meant that people were unable to follow the spiritual path because they were wage-slaves. I still feel that. Throughout my life I have been … Continue reading Mindful activism – A Fusion of Activisms

Mindfulness – a Brianblog

30 seconds on mindfulness meditation:- Mindfulness meditation can help agitated minds including teenagers. Mindfulness is a tool and its usefulness is limited by the framework in which it is taught – helps corporations repress, helped the Buddha to enlightenment. Coercive teaching methodologies, even with the best of intentions, can add to mental agitation. A quiet … Continue reading Mindfulness – a Brianblog

The Agitated Mind of Sankhara

Sankhara is one of the 5 khandas that is included in the psyche part of the Buddhadasa model:- Sankhara is most important in considering the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation especially as to whether to introduce it into schools. Sankhara is often translated as mental operations, so let me describe in part these mental operations with … Continue reading The Agitated Mind of Sankhara

Mindfulness is a Loose Cannon

Firstly I want to be upbeat about mindfulness meditation, it is useful. I want to encourage everybody to use it but we have to be mindful of mindfulness meditation – aaaggh. Now the question of mindfulness meditation arises in the west and not in the east as meditation has been considered within eastern cultures a … Continue reading Mindfulness is a Loose Cannon

Wise Relationship

Case Study, David:- In the 80s a white man went to a majority-black school. At this school black delinquents daily stole his “dinner money” under threat of violence. He could not turn to the teachers because liberal teachers colluded with an education authority who were avoiding recognising that such violence occurred. The liberal teachers did … Continue reading Wise Relationship

Mindfulness in Schools

I am always pleased when there is talk of introducing mindfulness in schools but it can be seen as a bandwagon for those advocating it – part of the non-mainstream careerism that abounds in education. Mindfulness as a concept was "originally" raised by the Buddha (as discussed in Samyutta Nikaya 45). The mindfulness peddled in … Continue reading Mindfulness in Schools