No homework?

I read this and just had to react. This is the key. “His teachers were wonderful, and thankfully, they made it very clear at the beginning of the year that homework was not supposed to give kids anxiety.” So why was the kid anxious? Did the “mommy” insist that the kid had to do the … Continue reading No homework?


About 5 things

I picked up this on twitter, and answered it because zandtao was on his "blogs I follow" - the only one??? 1) Motivation Education does not occur without motivation but that does not mean Carl is wrong. Sadly in our education system because achievement is rewarded students become addicted to achievement reward, and therefore become … Continue reading About 5 things

From Instinct to Insight; the beginning of Maturity

I want to place the three notions of instinct, insight and maturity into an “educating naturally” context and develop the implications. Instinct is nature’s protection for the vulnerable. This can best be seen in the relationship between mother and child in which both instinctively relate. The child needs milk from the mother, and the child’s … Continue reading From Instinct to Insight; the beginning of Maturity