Here is a fluff piece from Seth Godin concerning the lack of discerning palates; it began with “The creation of worthwhile work is a duet. The creator has to do her part, but so does the customer.” He then placed the emphasis on the customer, and to my mind effectively trivialised a significant issue for … Continue reading Creativity


Dassa’s Grit

Dassa was a black woman. A pretty young baby she was born to a poor family whose father drank. Her mother did the best she could but she herself was an orphan so there was no-one to protect her from the drunk. But she loved Dassa intently. As a baby and only child Dassa was … Continue reading Dassa’s Grit

First Reactions to Growth Mindset

My knee-jerk reaction to growth-mindset was that it was promoting cramming. Why did I have this reaction? Because as a teacher I became sick of teachers who applaud students for doing nothing. This culminated in my reaction to a pipsqueak careerist who stumbled into being the headmaster at my last school – he was 33, … Continue reading First Reactions to Growth Mindset