Fake News

“Fake News” is not new. Good comrades all my life have sat around analysing how the establishment has been lying to us. It was generally accepted that the news was fake, what the establishment wanted, and how we had to be careful what we believed, how we were conditioned. Sadly in my job as a … Continue reading Fake News



Here is a fluff piece from Seth Godin concerning the lack of discerning palates; it began with “The creation of worthwhile work is a duet. The creator has to do her part, but so does the customer.” He then placed the emphasis on the customer, and to my mind effectively trivialised a significant issue for … Continue reading Creativity

First Reactions to Growth Mindset

My knee-jerk reaction to growth-mindset was that it was promoting cramming. Why did I have this reaction? Because as a teacher I became sick of teachers who applaud students for doing nothing. This culminated in my reaction to a pipsqueak careerist who stumbled into being the headmaster at my last school – he was 33, … Continue reading First Reactions to Growth Mindset

Changes in the Corporate Paradigm

The biggest change is that through Occupy this corporate paradigm has been labelled as the 1%. Occupy Wall Street had a big impact in the US even though it was only the tip of an iceberg amongst many global social movements. These movements started with Horizontalidad whose movement was perhaps most important in Argentina where … Continue reading Changes in the Corporate Paradigm

A right-wing case study – Opting Out

The purpose of this blog is to illustrate intended consequences of right-wing policies such as choice. This is the forerunner of the internet confusion symbolised by Trump. Back in the late 80s I was in a school where the issue of opting-out came up. The teachers were completely against opting-out across all unions, and I … Continue reading A right-wing case study – Opting Out

Careerist pattern

There seems to be a pattern concerning fears about modern technology and education. And it is a mechanism that is used to hammer teachers from the outside and within the profession. The notion is that teachers cannot compete with technology yet they must continually upgrade their teaching methodologies to comply with incorporating those technologies. Mostly … Continue reading Careerist pattern