Mindfulness is a Loose Cannon

Firstly I want to be upbeat about mindfulness meditation, it is useful. I want to encourage everybody to use it but we have to be mindful of mindfulness meditation – aaaggh. Now the question of mindfulness meditation arises in the west and not in the east as meditation has been considered within eastern cultures a … Continue reading Mindfulness is a Loose Cannon


Kabat-Zinn limitations

I am not sure I can ever get a grip on what Kabat-Zinn and his mindfulness meditation actually mean. It is difficult to understand it in terms of Buddhism with all its proliferations, but once academia has been let loose on it it has become a mental free-for-all. Let me begin with Buddhadasa’s 4-system model:- … Continue reading Kabat-Zinn limitations

Wise Relationship

Case Study, David:- In the 80s a white man went to a majority-black school. At this school black delinquents daily stole his “dinner money” under threat of violence. He could not turn to the teachers because liberal teachers colluded with an education authority who were avoiding recognising that such violence occurred. The liberal teachers did … Continue reading Wise Relationship

Fake News Censorship and Discernment

I am now a committed writer, and at the beach I was thinking about efforts to finish Matriellez and the Treatise. Since starting Matriellez there has been the emergence of the right – Trump Brexit and elsewhere. Fake News had been originally the accusation of leftie conspiracy theorists like me, but it has now become … Continue reading Fake News Censorship and Discernment